2014 International Online Rube Goldberg Machine Contest for ages 11-14TM

Mouse Trappers

School Name:

  • Western Sky Middle School


  • Litchfield Park, Arizona


  • USA


  • 6/7/8


  • Mr. Koopman

Number of team members:

  • 7

What we're studying:

  • Technology Education

Our teacher's favorite quote:

Why we think we should win:

  • We were clever and innovative with our machine - We started the machine by unzipping a zipper to end up with the steps zipping the zipper back up.

Suggestion for next years challenge:

  • Turning a page in a book.

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Welcome to Western Sky Middle School - Home of the Rube Goldberg Machine Builders - The Mouse Trappers

Our machine run video

Our machine explanation and walkthrough

Our step list

A large cat gets overheated and unzips his jackets zipper.
Noise frightens a mouse that runs across a ramp
Unfortunately, the mouse runs off into a net.
This net causes a basket of cheese to fall.
Falling pieces of cheese set off an air powered rocket.
Then the rocket crashes into a shelf causing a slinky to fall.
The over shot of the rocket turns off the noisy air pump.
The slinky drops onto a teeter totter.
A mouse enjoying the day on the teeter totter is flipped up
a little too close for comfort to several mouse traps.
The mouse movement sets off all of the mouse traps.
The last trap hits a steel ball that rolls into a tube.
Swiftly a steel ball falls down the tube onto an umbrella.
This causes the umbrella to be released, pushing a pool ball.
The pool ball rolls into yet another mouse trap.
The mouse trap causes a barbell to fall.
With this final action, the barbell pulls the now cooled off cat’s zipper back up.

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